Analog Tweets for 2010-01-05

  • Two of my books (PROMISES BROKEN for tie-ins, THE CALLING for series debut) made’s Best of '09 list – 07:14:55
  • @TheSciFiChick – Man, I'm so mortified. I should know not to post pre-coffee. Apologies to Keith and Bill, naturally. in reply to TheSciFiChick 12:54:33
  • Thanks, Tim! Glad you liked the expanded ed.! @TimClarkeJr "Finished Sorrows of Empire last nite. Out.standing. Enjoyed every single page." 12:55:19
  • Gilbert Gottfried hasn't made someone work this hard for $1000 since the last time he called an escort service. (VIDEO) 16:11:24
  • I've got those Page One blues again… 16:31:31
  • This evening's fun experiment: doing five push-ups while drunk = an unpleasant feeling of light-headedness. Noted for future reference. 20:34:46
  • Are you mad? That's the chief reason I =didn't= enlist. @Nightwolfwriter – "Do a whole P.T. session and a 4 mile run while still hungover." 23:05:22
  • Sounds like me talking about my bachelor days: @tgiokdi – "I stopped that craziness when it became a nauseous experience" 23:51:20
  • Relieved to finally be writing ZERO SUM GAME. First night's word tally: 1,500. Not bad. Shooting for 2k/day going forward. Wish me luck! 01:02:45
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