Analog Tweets for 2010-01-10

  • @scottedelman – Dead center, as close to level with middle of the screen as you can get. Go early to get the seat you want. in reply to scottedelman 13:07:59
  • Would it have been less patronizing if Will Smith had played Sully? @kevindilmore "Let's call "Avatar" what it is: Whitey Saves the World." 13:09:58
  • I wasn't "complaining" re: Avatar, just posing a question to a pal about it @wikiwackywoo "Anyone who complains abt Avatar is insufferable." 16:15:42
  • I haven't conquered my tendency toward procrastination, but I will … one of these days. 18:58:15
  • Spent the afternoon helping my wife prepare Coq au Vin. It smells amazing. Almost dinnertime. Time to decant some Merlot. 19:01:14
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