Analog Tweets for 2010-01-14

  • This is a first for my career: I just had a book canceled. From my blog: "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" – 18:42:56
  • Cxn: T'was pointed out to me that, technically, my book & others weren't "canceled" but "put on hold." Big difference. Sorry 'bout that. 18:52:20
  • Thanks to @liquidcross, @hertzog, and @TimClarkeJr for your condolences on the publisher's de-scheduling of MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH. 19:10:51
  • It's worse than that – it's 4 new Trek stories. @TheSciFiChick "A new Trek story I'm not able to read? Knowing that is pure torture!" 19:49:49
  • Thanks, bro. Just the insult my injury needed. 🙂 @GlennHauman "Had to be your name; mine isn't known enough to generate that much apathy." 23:36:43
  • @Argonzo – Thanks for the kind words, man. Much appreciated. in reply to Argonzo 23:37:28
  • @scifidiner – You guys are so cool, I won't even bust your chops for misspelling my first name. Wait, I just did. Damn. Sorry. No, I'm not. 23:39:17
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