Analog Tweets for 2010-01-19

  • If "24" took its cue from the *current* admin, they might be saying it correctly. @pctseng – "I think they took a cue from the Oval Office" 07:22:35
  • @daytonward – Ordover "created" I wrote the scripts, shot/edited the vids, wrote the site, & coded it. He "produced." in reply to daytonward 12:19:54
  • @daytonward Excusé moi. It's been so long, I thought I'd regaled you with tales of that site. Remind me to tell you about it at Shore Leave. in reply to daytonward 17:32:45
  • Want to know why Martha Coakley lost the Mass. special election? Because she ran a lousy campaign & didn't actually stand *for* anything. 22:39:56
  • Have been on hold with Capital One's customer (dis)service line for 40 minutes. 23:09:02
  • Growing up in Massachusetts, I called it "the place where hope and dreams go to die." Today, Massachusetts and Scott Brown proved me right. 23:13:05
  • Waited on hold w/Capital One Bank credit card customer "service" for more than an hour. Finally gave up. I hate these guys. 23:32:46
  • A satisfactory day's work: added 2,220 words to ZERO SUM GAME. Now I have to keep up that pace or improve upon it. 00:21:08
  • I grew up in western Massachusetts, but have been a New Yorker for 22+ years now. @walshcaitlin "where in MA?" 00:22:26
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