Analog Tweets for 2010-01-20

  • Master modeler Richard Long has crafted a scale-model kit of the USS Sagittarius from my novel REAP THE WHIRLWIND: 15:40:27
  • Reid says Senate will wait for Brown before acting on health care. Obama says don't "jam" a bill through. WTF, Dems?! Do you LIKE losing? 19:46:28
  • All I have to say to that is, WOO HOO! @AbbyArrington – "Playboy here I come!" 19:47:24
  • Why not use $240 worth of pudding? @thomaslennon "Gonna have my man griddle up a pile of grilled cheese sandwiches for me to take a nap in." 21:06:27
  • Tonight the gods of comedy do crap upon my head. Would say more, but that'd be telling. 22:41:51
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