Analog Tweets for 2010-01-26

  • SCORPIUS will tell its own tale, but a crossover is planned. @jalapeno_wild "will [SCORPIUS] be a separate story from [FARSCAPE]?" 12:36:36
  • Obama: 'I'd Rather Be a Really Good One-Term President Than a Mediocre Two-Term' – Right now he acts as if he's splitting the difference. 12:52:45
  • Huffpost – "Man Caught at Airport With 44 Lizards in His Pants" ME: It was really 45 if you count the trouser snake. 19:03:44
  • Skipping the State of the Union for same reason I won't watch the Oscars: It'll just make me so damn ANGRY. Cue up MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE. #fb 19:32:08
  • @Nightwolfwriter – What? The SOTU or TNT original series? 😉 in reply to Nightwolfwriter 20:17:27
  • Have added another 2100 words to ZERO SUM GAME. That's all for tonight. Now I get to go watch "24". 23:57:38

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