Analog Tweets for 2010-02-03

  • The new STAR TREK Online MMPORPG is not Macintosh-compatible. Hallelujah! Thus am I am spared the temptation of a new time-sink! #fb 17:38:33
  • Question for geek hive-mind. In what Trek ep did our heroes' ship get saved from ambush by reveal of cloaked Klingon backup? Was DS9 or TNG. 18:07:18
  • It was "The Defector" I'm thinking of. Thanks, Michael! @drewshi2000 @michaeljwrite @daytonward 18:21:21
  • More info on my new project! Rockne S. O'Bannon Talks “Farscape: Scorpius” on Comic Book Resources: – Check it out! #fb 18:58:24
  • I think the new STAR TREK ONLINE game should have quests. No. 1 – Find Spock's Brain. 19:02:11
  • Donny Deutsch thinks gays don't watch football. Is he nuts? Hellooooo? Buff men in spandex bending over for 3 hours? – 19:06:49
  • Now, now, Caitlin – some folks like them some bears… @walshcaitlin – "not the line backers. They're just BIG." 00:32:48

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