Analog Tweets for 2010-02-16

  • *Sigh.* Pressed one wrong button and broke my blog. No idea how many posts were lost b/c I hadn't backed up db in a while. Major suckage. 14:06:48
  • While I sit here trying to salvage whatever might be left of my blog, I daydream of writing a LEVERAGE tie-in novel. I think it'd be fun. 14:11:33
  • Have definitely broken my blog. Waved the white flag, e-mailed tech support. Need to find an easier way to back up my WPress soapbox. 16:03:47
  • That's exactly what I'll do … as soon as I resurrect my blog. @allyngibson "Have WP import your LJ back into your blog index" 16:05:43
  • Thanks for the tip — I'll look into that. @tgiokdi "I use WP-DBManager, it does automated backups." 16:06:18
  • The awesome tech-support team (okay, Steve) at Greyware/ has resurrected my blog with no lost data. Man, these guys rule. 18:03:59
  • Thanks! Hope you dig Destiny III: LOST SOULS as much. @gayfortinafey "Just finished reading Destiny II Mere Mortals…(Brilliant writing!)" 18:05:40
  • Thanks to all for WP-DB backup recs – turns out my hosting co. runs backups as insurance against idiots like me. 18:06:33
  • I use many film/TV soundtracks for writing inspiration. @gayfortinafey "Love that @DavidAlanMack thanked Bear McCreary for the s3 BSG OST" 18:44:52
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