Analog Tweets for 2010-03-01

  • @pseudohistorian – I suffered through balloon Mounties and inflatable beavers, and for what? Fucking Nickleback? You suck, man. 😉 in reply to pseudohistorian 07:10:26
  • Chicago-area fans: I'll be in the BOOM! Studios booth at C2E2, April 16-18, to debut FARSCAPE: SCORPIUS. Come say "hi!" 14:46:35
  • Darn pesky, short February — it let March sneak up on me! I had to scramble for cash to pay the rent today. I hate when that happens. #fb 17:23:22
  • @AbbyArrington – Do you know which tribe your ancestry hails from? I'm 1/8 Native American — Iroquois, I think (my brother would know). in reply to AbbyArrington 18:24:21
  • My day, condensed: "Time to wri- forgot something. … Done. Time to wri- forgot something else. … Done. Time to wri- Dammit!" … Take 4. 18:26:36

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