Analog Tweets for 2010-03-05

  • VANITY FAIR: Christopher Hitchens edits The 10 Commandments and suggests some new ones. –
  • Check out my interview with CBR about the upcoming FARSCAPE: SCORPIUS – (includes Issue #1 cover art!) #fb
  • @KRADeC – "DON'T YOU PEOPLE HAVE LIVES?" – Keith, who needs lives when we have Twitter? (And Facebook. And blogs. And PS3.) in reply to KRADeC
  • Special Follow Friday announcement! My friend, fellow novelist, and comic-book scripter KEITH R.A. DeCANDIDO is now on Twitter @KRADeC #ff
  • @ibrill – "If it's Hitchens I assume one of the commandments is Thou Shall Drink scotch." No, but if it were, I'd be in full compliance. in reply to ibrill
  • Wow. I've gained 9 new followers in the last 4 hours. Suddenly I feel intense pressure to be witty & interesting. First time for everything.
  • About to write the final scene of ZERO SUM GAME, and it's a doozy. Have to psych up for this. Deep breaths… Okay, here goes…
  • It's done! The first-draft ms. of STAR TREK: TYPHON PACT – ZERO SUM GAME is done. Roughly 81k words of fast-paced spy-thriller action! #fb
  • Kara & I celebrated completion of my latest novel ms. by going out for falafel. Tried a new place called Duzan. Best falafel I've ever had.
  • @TrekMovie @BakeCity @AbbyArrington – Thanks for the FF recs! in reply to TrekMovie
  • @TimClarkeJr – Thanks for #ff rec! | @auntynyc – ZERO SUM GAME will be out 11/29/10
  • @TrekMovie – Actually, the focus of ZERO SUM GAME is Starfleet Intelligence, the *legitimate* spies of Starfleet. 🙂 in reply to TrekMovie
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