Analog Tweets for 2010-03-06

  • @ice_wine – If you have a place to put me & Kara, I've always wanted to visit Jerusalem… 🙂 in reply to ice_wine
  • Today's brunch consisted of homemade apple pie w/melted cheddar on top, and a latte. Being an adult means you can skip a balanced breakfast.
  • Just watched ANGELA'S ASHES. I think my favorite line is, "If it was a sin, I didn't give a fiddler's fart!"
  • @LucienneDiver – You can't think of anything sadder than seeing your book on eBay? What a charmed life you lead, agent o' mine… 😉 in reply to LucienneDiver
  • After spending nearly an hour cleaning up after my geriatric cat, I have concluded that my beloved beast is, in fact, a urinary savant.
  • @drewshi2000 – Ashamed to admit that I have not read the book ANGELA'S ASHES, despite numerous exhortations by my lovely wife to do so. in reply to drewshi2000
  • @u_Bik – 'Twas my pleasure. Thanks for the thoughtful and favorable review of THE SORROWS OF EMPIRE. 🙂 in reply to u_Bik
  • Spent my night editing & rendering digital video. Intro clip for Mike Friedman's charity roast is mostly done; just need 4 roasters' photos.
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