Analog Tweets for 2010-03-08

  • @SizzlerKistler You can fool future archaeologists by building a shrine to yourself adorned by 1,000 jars of pickles. What? You =did= that? in reply to SizzlerKistler
  • I think my cat lies awake nights plotting all the places in which she can pee & the perfect angles at which to do so, to most annoy me. #fb
  • @scottedelman – You should've called up George W. Bush. He *loves* clearing brush. in reply to scottedelman
  • Saw the new IRON MAN 2 trailer. It did its job: I *really* want to see this flick & hope it's great.
  • Time to start my read-through and polishing draft of ZERO SUM GAME … and find out just how much it sucks. Yes…I love this part.
  • – (PHOTO) The Existential Beauty of Godzilla Haiku ( io9: )
  • @feliciaday – Congrats on the "RED" gig! Glad to see my former employer hasn't yet run out of fairy tales to retread… in reply to feliciaday
  • Perfect timing! Just finished a book & ready to script new Scorpy! @Rockne_S "Now must write next Scorpius comic arc to turn in this week!"
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