Analog Tweets for 2010-03-09

  • @Fraize – Why, yes, I =did= enjoy writing PRECIPICE. I'd waited 4 years to write my favorite line: "Zett's dead, baby. Zett's dead." 🙂 in reply to Fraize
  • @kevindilmore – If you're looking for suggestions re: how to act on that intel, I can make a few. Oh, yes. I certainly can. in reply to kevindilmore
  • @daytonward – Have you considered naming a certain appendage "Magnesia"? Hours of fun in the offing. in reply to daytonward
  • – Rush Limbaugh vows to leave US if health-care reform passes. No shit? That alone is reason enough to pass the bill.
  • @daytonward "I just call it 'Tour Eiffel.' " … Hrm. What does that make your taint — the Champs-Élysées? in reply to daytonward
  • PLAYGIRL offers Jon Gosselin $10k per inch of penis above 4" he shows in a photo. In related news, Jon Gosselin owes PLAYGIRL magazine $30k.
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