Analog Tweets for 2010-04-11

  • Had another dream last night w/ a LOST character. Met Hurley on an NYC street corner. Greeted him like an old pal. He did the same. #fb
  • .@Gettysburg7 – Nah. I'm just hoping future #LOST dreams start featuring Kate, Sun, Juliet, and Naomi. Sick of meeting Hurley already.
  • Just took "Which Crazy Writer Are You?" and got: Edgar Allan Poe! Try it ➔
  • Just fired up my first BBQ of the season. Breaking in a new chimney starter & grill surface. Chicken is sauced, beans are prepped for saute.
  • .@audioheretic – Heck, if I could direct lucid dreams, I'd be #LOST on a tropical island with Alyson Hannigan ( aka @alydenisof ).
  • @scottedelman – Reading zombie fic makes you hungry? For what? …. Wait for it. … BRAINS! in reply to scottedelman

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