Analog Tweets for 2010-04-19

  • AP Style Book is changing "Web site" to "website" because readers bitched. What's next? Shall we use "should of" instead of "should have"?
  • .@AbbyArrington "I hate there being something I can't do!" – How very John Locke of LOST. 😉
  • @edonald – No one said the Internet was a fad, nor the World Wide Web. However, they are =trademarks= — i.e. proper nouns. in reply to edonald
  • @edonald – I know how journalism works, thank you. I was a reporter for many years, and an editor for many more. I just like to rib the AP. in reply to edonald
  • From my blog: Scorpius #0 reviews, plus new covers! – #fb
  • Just finished checking the lettering on #FARSCAPE #SCORPIUS #1, coming next month from @boomstudios – now to work on script for SCORPIUS #4.
  • Just read #HULK one-shot "Let the Battle Begin" by @tweetjesse — it's GREAT! Truly top-notch writing. Best Hulk story I've read in ages.
  • Still marveling at the Mets' 20-inning game vs. the Cardinals. Sometimes it's as exhausting to be a Mets fan as it is to be a Met. #fb
  • Have cobbled together second chapter of my nonfiction project. It's a bit thin. Needs work. As the Brits might say … "Bugger." #fb
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