Another review of Farscape: Scorpius

My Google alerts have scared up another favorable review of Farscape: Scorpius #0, this time from

The money quotes, in my opinion:

The best thing … about this comic is the writing. From start to finish the writing just never lets up on just how damned good it is. Never once did I question or think that this was just some writer doing their interpretation of the character. I heard Wayne Pygram’s (the actor who played Scorpius on the show) voice when I read these pages perfectly. You’re totally in the character’s head and it’s just a feast to see how his mind works and what make’s him tick. Though that’s not a hard feat to be had when one of the writers of this comic is the creator of the actual show. Still, the other writer, David Alan Mack, has [a] flow that works with O’Bannon. So thus far it’s a great pairing of two very creative minds.

…an excellent start to the ongoing. I cannot wait to see where the creative team takes the character…

Color me pleased, indeed!

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