Medical aggravations…

Finding a good doctor in  my neighborhood or even in Manhattan is getting more difficult every day. To get an appointment with a new doctor can mean waiting up to two months, in some cases.

I had found a good specialist to treat a condition with which I’d recently been diagnosed. To my irritation, she had office hours in my neighborhood only on Mondays. That was inconvenient, but I was able to make it work.

My last appointment was about six weeks ago.  My next scheduled appointment was next month.

I had to call the doctor’s office this morning to try to clear up some difficulty with getting a prescription filled by my mail-order pharmacy. I’m not sure what the problem is — maybe they can’t read her handwriting? — but they need to talk with her ASAP or they’ll cancel my prescription.

While leaving a message for the doctor, I was informed that today is her last day at the office in my neighborhood.

“But,” I said, dismayed, “I have an appointment with her there next month.”

“Today is her last day in this office,” replied the automaton.

Nice of someone to let me know. Schmucks.

This is the glorious medical system the teabaggers want to save from reform? Give me a fucking break.

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  1. Thierry

    Hey David,
    Just so you know, I’m French so we do have a health care and I’m sorry to report that to get an appointment with a doctor (especially a specialist) is very hard around here too.
    The main reason is that there is a fix number of people authorized to practice. That system is once again made to avoid deepening the hole that our health care is digging. Not enough doctor = less people visiting. I don’t really know if it’s working, but it’s making people angry for sure…
    For example depending on where you live in France you’ll have to drive a couple of hours and wait about 4 months to get your eyesight checked ! (I made an appointment last month i’ll go to it at the end of this month so about 6 weeks later. And i live in PARIS !!!)
    Though, if it’s really an emergency, you’ll get someone rather quickly… (depending on the level of emergency of course)

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