Analog Tweets for 2010-05-18

  • "Talibannosaurus Rex – The Most Politically Incorrect (and hilarious) Fake SciFi B-Movie Poster Ever" (via io9) – #fb
  • Just had a nice chat w/a TV producer working on a STAR TREK special. Hope I get to be on-camera…
  • @daytonward "I LOL'd at this: RT @terpette @daytonward How about a zombies vs Westboro Baptist Church story?" – Dude, you MUST write this! in reply to daytonward
  • I'd love a zombie story where U.S. troops rise from their graves to hunt & devour those shithead Westboro Baptist Church protesters. #fb
  • I even have the ending: BRAIN-EATING ZOMBIE #1: "How's your protester brain?" BRAIN-EATING ZOMBIE #2: (smacks lips) "Tastes like shit." #fb
  • @EzzyNYC "whens it gonna air?" – No idea. It's in pre-production right now. in reply to EzzyNYC
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