Analog Tweets for 2010-06-23

  • Hurray! New comic-book day! Heading out to buy INCORRUPTIBLE No. 7 from @boomstudios and the inimitable Mark Waid…
  • Blast from the past — a new review of a comic book I cowrote 9 years ago: STAR TREK: DIVIDED WE FALL, Part 1 – #fb
  • Good rule of thumb: never get into a staring contest with someone who doesn't actually =need= to blink – (VIDEO) #fb
  • Tonight's wig-out moment: picking up the cat's bowl to wash it, only to discover it's swarming with ants. #iHateSummer
  • Have finished proofing the first 123 pages of galleys for my upcoming STAR TREK novel ZERO SUM GAME. The fun continues tomorrow… #fb
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