Analog Tweets for 2010-06-24

  • The amps may go to 11, but my air conditioner goes to 12. Time to get a new AC — one more necessity I can't afford but must anyway. #fb
  • The blog known as SISKOID reviews part 2 (of 4) of my 2001 STAR TREK comic miniseries DIVIDED WE FALL – #fb
  • Ridiculous. Now get your hand off my ass. RT @SizzlerKistler "GASP! It has been suggested that I – I – am a FLIRT! "
  • ME: "There you go kitty — nice clean litter." RIPLEY: "Why bother? You know I'll just pee on the floor again." ME: "I live in hope." #fb
  • Pages proofed for ZERO SUM GAME (coming this October to bookstores everywhere). Now … how will I procrastinate tomorrow?
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