Analog Tweets for 2010-06-26

  • Actually, I've been saying that all along. Kudos to Ghana. RT @CitizenBree "And, thus, Americans everywhere declare that soccer is stupid."
  • @CitizenBree – Actually, I don't care for sports in general. I suffer some more easily than others. Soccer is just ahead of figure skating. in reply to CitizenBree
  • Today: Ghana eliminates USA from World Cup 2x in 4 years. Tomorrow: USA adds Ghana to axis of evil, invades, annexes its soccer team. #fb
  • Murphy's Law in action: Fire up grill. Prep food. Crack open a beer. Step back outside – and it starts raining. #FuckMeGentlyWithAChainsaw
  • Just finished watching the RUSH documentary BEYOND THE LIGHTED STAGE. Totally awesome. I'll be buying it on Blu-Ray disc this Wednesday.

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