Analog Tweets for 2010-06-30

  • Got a hankerin' for some good, old-fashioned cognitive dissonance? Have a gander at the website TEA PARTY JESUS – #fb
  • We've crossed the Rubicon: signage & flyers for the Shore Leave Comedy Roast of Mike Friedman have been ordered! – #fb
  • I'll get you a sandwich when you have the power to order someone assassinated. RT @scalzi "I'm now President of SFWA. BRING ME SANDWICHES"
  • Not afraid. Drinking whisky makes me immune to psionic attack. RT @tgiokdi "careful man, @scalzi can kill people with his MIND."
  • That's what I'm talkin' about! RT @tgiokdi " I have both whiskey and beer on my side!"
  • "TWILIGHT is like soccer: people run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, and its billions of fans insist you just don't get it." – Dana Hawes
  • Only wrote 1300 new words for my WiP today. Disappointed. Feel like a turtle in a hurry but slogging through half-melted peanut butter. #fb
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