Analog Tweets for 2010-07-06

  • via @TheOnion – "Astronomer Discovers Black Hole at Center of Own Marriage"
  • YES! My tickets for RUSH at PNC Bank Arts Center on September 3 have arrived! Two seats, 7th row center – booyah! #fb
  • It's 101° F. here in New York City. Do you know where your balls are? I don't, because I've been sweating mine clean off. #fb
  • And the "Parent of the Year" award goes to… –
  • If cannibalism broke out, you'll get a movie deal. @SizzlerKistler – "Stuck in subway for 2 hours, 100°+ heat, no water & not enough food"
  • Great news, Bob. Now you can rehearse your roast script. @bobgreenberger "Mystery Trekkie Theater rehearsal was a resounding success"
  • LiLo gets 90 days in jail. What'll she have when she gets out? A: new prison tats; B: new prison girlfriend; C: new film deal. Hint: Not C.
  • @EzzyNYC – That's not a =new= film deal, that's an =existing= film deal. And, might I add, way to miss the fuckin' joke, Marc. in reply to EzzyNYC
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