Analog Tweets for 2010-07-07

  • @neiltyson – What are you saying? That my efforts to fold this pine two-by-four are doomed to failure? Now you tell me. in reply to neiltyson
  • Good man. Only 56 hours to the roast! @bobgreenberger "I worked on that in the morning before MTT. A man has to have his priorities."
  • Not you, Keith, obviously. We -want- you to come off as a blithering idiot. As usual. @KRADeC "Fuck, we're supposed to rehearse?"
  • @Davisgrayson – Glad you're looking forward to ZERO SUM GAME. Hope it exceeds your obviously lofty expectations! in reply to Davisgrayson
  • It certainly didn't do you any good last year. @GlennHauman "Like rehearsal would help him."
  • Wanna see Mike Friedman's roast of but won't be at Shore Leave? Get a free DVD by becoming a co-producer of the roast –
  • I hate summer. Nothing on TV but crap. The major networks should air nothing but this from Memorial Day to Labor Day: #fb
  • Really? I found it painfully unfunny & barely watchable. Not 1 laugh. @ibrill "LOUIE = a brilliant comedy that speaks to real human truths."
  • Indeedy. Time to buy an Ethernet cable for my PS3. WiFi cnxn sucks! RT @savageplanet "That's why the good lord invented Netflix streaming."
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