Analog Tweets for 2010-07-08

  • I can sum up this morning's frustrations with a pithy but painfully true expression: "Fuckin' musicians."
  • Remember me when you look up and say, "Who shall fetch me my coffee and newspaper? Where's my droog?" @Rockne_S "big moves r happening"
  • 1st Rule of Producing: The detail you're certain you have covered is always the one that'll blow up in your face like disaster bukkake. #fb
  • I know running out of unemployment benefits sucks, but they can't keep paying forever. It's a safety net, folks, not a freakin' hammock. #fb
  • Less than 30 hours to show time, and I can now say without reservation: I sometimes really -hate- being a producer.
  • This is why you don't want Jedi voicing your GPS systems: DARTH VADER – … YODA – (VIDEOS) #fb
  • I've been happily surprised by the generosity of friends & strangers who've donated to tomorrow's charity roast of Mike Friedman. Thank you!

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