Analog Tweets for 2010-07-15

  • This is me quaking with envy, Geoff. @dreamnasium "My first season writing for #Leverage is winding down but, WOW, what a freaking ride!"
  • via HuffPo – "Kidnapped California Girl Found in Arizona 7 Years Later" – and is deported for not having her papers. –
  • Scientist calls gravity "an illusion": – BFD. Call me when he knows why my toast always lands jelly-side down. #fb
  • I did my part: I bought all 3 issues. Congrats to Felicia! RT @feliciaday "Dark Horse announces @TheGuild will return to comics!"
  • My wife just tried to reinvent taramosalata w/ sour cream & red caviar. It took 2 saltines & half a liter of water to stop my gagging. #fb
  • Jeez, Bill. I could've told you that 3 years ago. @BLeisner "Reminder to self: nothing good ever comes of posting anything to the TrekBBS."
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