Analog Tweets for 2010-07-18

  • Glad it had a happy ending for you. RT @daytonward "Got my first-ever Thai massage today. Can't complain about the results. At all."
  • Alas, you couldn't have. Even I don't have a spare copy of RtW to sell. @TimClarkeJr "I was at Shore Leave, should've got the set there."
  • Actually, there are many. It's a computer glitch no one can fix. @TimClarkeJr "tell CBS/Pocket there's at least 1 paying customer out here"
  • I just finished watching it on cable, too. Awesome! @SizzlerKistler – Every time I see The Fifth Element, I fall in love with Leelu again.
  • What do I always say right before last call? #Twitter-Jeopardy @CitizenBree "15 minutes to Pavement."
  • @kaylai – Those are all awesome names. Hope none of them had to be eaten. Well, except maybe "Chickaan." in reply to kaylai
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