Analog Tweets for 2010-07-21

  • Friend: "Does misery love company?" Me: "No, it just doesn't want to be around happy people because that makes it feel even worse." #fb
  • I am staring at the blinking cursor, painfully aware that I have no idea how to end the chapter I am writing. Crap. #fb
  • Added 4000 words today to my current WiP, pushing it past the halfway mark toward completion. Hurray! … Now, dinner.
  • What do you get when you mix audio of Old Spice Guy & Mel Gibson's phone rants & animate them? Genius. Pure genius. #fb
  • Damn skippy I want to be at the LEVERAGE panel, bro. Alas, no $$$=no trip to #SDCC. @dreamnasium "you want to be here! you really do!"
  • @dreamnasium – Dude, you just finished a season on the LEVERAGE writing staff. How poor can you be? Get your ass to Shore Leave next year! in reply to dreamnasium
  • Edited 1st sequence of roast DVD & told Final Cut: Render it! FCP replied: It'll take 2 hours. *Sigh.* To bed, then. I'll see it in the AM.
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