Analog Tweets for 2010-07-22

  • They're too busy thanking God. @AbbyArrington "Why do you never hear anyone complain about waking to find a naked woman in the house?"
  • My war vs. ants continues: I doused the terrace, door frames, window frames, & dark corners with Spectracide – i.e., the nuclear option. #fb
  • .@worthyadvisor – Yes, I've been using mint oil, but it was unequal to the task. Despite repeated sprayings, the ants continue to invade.
  • My problem in a nutshell: I succeeded in greatly reducing the amount of spam mail I receive. Now I wonder why I never get any e-mail… #fb
  • I've finished a rough cut on sequence 2 of the roast DVD. It is 3am. Time for bed. 'Night, my tweeps! #fb

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