Analog Tweets for 2010-07-25

  • Everyone's a critic: "Kings of Leon end concert, walk offstage after pigeon poops in bassist's mouth" – #fb
  • Oh, yeah, that reminds me — I hate you. @KRADeC "I love it when I can do useful networking without even trying."
  • @scottedelman – How, exactly, does and iPhone boarding pass work? in reply to scottedelman
  • @scottedelman – That's it? Call up boarding pass on iPhone, hold iPhone screen-down above the scanner? Brilliant! in reply to scottedelman
  • NY Times wins "most obvious headline of the day" for this: "Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades" – P.S. The sky is blue. #fb
  • @scottedelman – Hope you got his name. Sounds like he might have been Patient Zero in the Tea Bag Revolution. in reply to scottedelman

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