Analog Tweets for 2010-07-27

  • Slept at a bad angle last night, awoke w/ hideous back pain. I guess my Monday called in sick yesterday & has just shown up for work. #fb
  • My favorite quote-out-of-context for today – Jon Stewart: "I'm a Japanese snow monkey." #fb
  • Yet it's still satisfying. @warrenellis – "combo-punching real people in the face still doesn't make them turn into a shower of gold coins"
  • Salon: "Are the American people obsolete?" – – Time for a new career in a growth indusrty: I shall build guillotines.
  • I've found a good palliative for back pain: bourbon & lemonade. If only I could find a drink to help me write this book more quickly… #fb
  • Added 3,900 words to the WiP. Technically just shy of target, but by less than I was over yesterday. So I'm calling it a night. #fb
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