Analog Tweets for 2010-09-07

  • FARSCAPE: SCORPIUS #5 on sale Thursday 9/9! CHECK OUT A 6-PAGE PREVIEW! 14:12:36
  • Still looks like "Douchebag Blind" to me. / RT @JohnFugelsang Glenn Beck seems to have switched to Just for Men's new color, 'TeaBag Blonde' 14:18:07
  • What, in the southern hemisphere? On the lam again, Jeff? Gilbert TOLD you she was underage. RT @realjeffreyross "Who's psyched for summer?" 14:25:37
  • No, but my friends have. RT @larrynemecek Ever watched a friend have crap hit them from 19 different directions, mostly not their fault? 15:01:45
  • By being a friend of a friend of the band (and begging without shame). RT @VideoProd "How did you get a meet and greet with RUSH?" 17:07:50

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