Analog Tweets for 2010-09-23

  • In past year have been aced on tie-in deals for EUREKA & WAREHOUSE 13 books. Still hoping to write a LEVERAGE novel someday. Please. 13:50:53
  • Hope you dig it… 🙂 RT @CitizenBree – I'm almost finished with Promises Broken. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Tom's ability. 17:48:12
  • Actually, just one book, announced today, to be penned by Greg Cox for Pocket Books. @criticalmyth "Wait, there are Warehouse 13 books?" 17:49:01
  • *looks at upcoming work schedule, which is thin as a promise* Not much risk of that, pal. RT @Superdeck "don't stretch yourself too thin" 17:50:06
  • Cranked out 2k words tonight on ms. for Star Trek Vanguard novella. Little by little, this story is coming together… #fb 02:35:35
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