Analog Tweets for 2010-09-24

  • Comedy Central's next roast should be Robert Downey Jr., his entrance based on IRON MAN 2's opening bit & @realjeffreyross as roastmaster. 13:25:51
  • Bill Maher sums up my feelings exactly: "Rich People Who Complain About Being Vilified Should Be Vilified" – #fb 13:57:39
  • I'll believe Harlan Ellison is dying when they pry his pending lawsuits from his cold, dead fingers. #fb 14:00:15
  • Have no fear, Rob – RISE LIKE LIONS is the next project in my queue. 🙂 RT @BurnettRM "C'mon dude, rock the SORROWS OF EMPIRE sequel." 14:22:14
  • Well, it'll be part of 400+page anthology, STAR TREK VANGUARD: DECLASSIFIED. / RT @auntynyc "If novella = smaller, Great!" 14:23:43
  • It is scheduled for publication in June 2011. // RT @Gettysburg7 "when is Vanguard: Declassified projected in stores?" 16:22:58
  • Two unfollows since noon. Wonder what sent 'em packing? The Harlan Ellison tweet or the Bill Maher link? Can't be the Muppets. … Whatever. 16:25:14
  • .@tgiokdi – It's possible the bots are upset w/ me for not following back. Maybe I can attract new ones: I LOVE FOLLOW BOTS! Also: SEX! 17:48:06
  • Most kind, most kind. // RT @idontbuythat "For what it's worth, I thought the Harlan Ellison tweet was hilarious." 17:48:28
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