Analog Tweets for 2010-09-30

  • A pesky thing called linear time. RT @TimClarkeJr "Finished re-reading Trek's awesome Vanguard series. Dammit, why must we wait for more?!" 15:42:02
  • Spent the afternoon planning the action details for a chase sequence in my new novella. Now I'm turning that plan into prose. Booyah! #fb 16:55:59
  • An intervention? / RT @scottedelman "Survived 10 years at Syfy. My official first day was October 2, 2000. How should I celebrate Saturday?" 16:57:07
  • A friend just got a TV pilot deal for her book series. I'm reminded of Gore Vidal's quote: "Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little." 17:16:19
  • Well, Scott, first you need to admit you have a problem. Then you need to -want- to change. @scottedelman "What time should I expect you?" 18:06:06
  • Thanks! Glad you dug Reap the Whirlwind! RT @TimClarkeJr "the Sagittarius sequence on Jinoteur: pure unrelenting brilliance. Cinematic." 20:31:38
  • C-minus 15 hours. Tomorrow I'll bring home a new kitten to the house. I can hardly wait! #fb 22:08:52
  • Umm… thanks. Try not to get blown up. / RT @Gettysburg7 "I am proud to announce the launch of the Nova class USS David Mack in #STO." 00:31:20
  • Okay, =this= is how you do a mash-up: AC/DC meets GHOSTBUSTERS (VIDEO) – // Awesome! 00:59:03
  • And for those who love hard rock: a Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath mash-up music video – / Sweet! #fb 01:05:15
  • No, I do not. // RT @EzzyNYC "Do you play #STO ?" 01:36:45

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