Analog Tweets for 2010-10-04

  • Dropped off the new kitten at the vet this a.m. to be spayed. Much to do before I bring her home later today. We've named her Freddie. #fb 09:47:45
  • Put away air conditioners. Paid bills & rent. Cleaned catbox, prepped it w/pine litter for spayed kitty coming home in a few hours. Tired. 13:42:41
  • Have to rewatch "Spock's Brain" later. Need whiskey. Also think episode should've had a sequel: "Kirk's Penis" #fb 13:44:20
  • Kitten is very angry post-op. Knocked off her cone 3 times in 1 hour. Hissed, growled, yowled & clawed at me when I put it back on her. 15:24:56
  • Kitten has managed to eat dinner. Not happy with pine pellets in litterbox, though. Still angry about wearing cone of shame. Poor kitten. 17:20:26

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