Analog Tweets for 2010-10-12

  • @PeteyLin @RobJDurand @BrandonBarrows – Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. Very happy folks are enjoying the FARSCAPE: SCORPIUS comics. in reply to PeteyLin 12:18:03
  • My fabulous agent @LucienneDiver just sold foreign pub rights for my original UF thriller THE CALLING in France. Tres magnifique! #fb 12:23:17
  • .@ecmyers Thanks, man! Rights to THE CALLING have been sold now in three countries. Only 165 to go…. 12:40:05
  • My cats are chasing each other back & forth through the house, their tails fluffy like those of squirrels. All's well at Casa Mack-Bain. #fb 18:48:03
  • Having trouble making #NewTwitter work w/Firefox 3.6? Go to about:config in URL bar & set to "true". You're welcome. #fb 20:49:10
  • My wife & I are making home-made pizza tonight. She made her own dough. Very excited to see how it turns out. 🙂 20:50:56
  • Alas, our fridge dried out our pizza dough. We had to have leftovers because it was so late. We'll try making pizza again this weekend. #fb 23:35:08
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