Star Trek Re-watch: “Day of the Dove”

Another sunrise brings us another Thursday, and with it another Star Trek Re-watch column by Dayton Ward and Yours Truly!

This week we release the hounds on Day of the Dove,” one of the third season’s less-awful hours of entertainment. It has everything you could ask for: swordfights, race hatred, hot Klingon babes, and a completely unexplained antagonist.

So, if you haven’t already been checking out our Re-watch columns, now is your chance. Head on over to and enjoy!

The Mack & Ward Star Trek Re-watch Archive

1. 3×6 Spock’s Brain Sept. 20, 1968
2. 3×4 The Enterprise Incident Sept. 27, 1968
3. 3×3 The Paradise Syndrome Oct. 4, 1968
4. 3×5 And the Children Shall Lead Oct. 11, 1968
5. 3×7 Is There in Truth No Beauty? Oct. 18, 1968
6. 3×1 Spectre of the Gun Oct. 26, 1968

2 Responses to “Star Trek Re-watch: “Day of the Dove””

  1. Thierry

    Thanks to you both (Dayton Ward too) for the “analyses” of the episodes of season 3…
    Spock sure does a lot of mindmeld in the third season… !lol!
    (good catch)
    We are rewatching them (it’s been a while since TOS is not my favorite show) on big screen so my bluray can be used a little. And after each episode we read your analyse outloud… It’s been kind of a ritual the last few weeks…
    So thank you David !

  2. David Mack

    Hi, Thierry! Glad to hear you and your friends have been able to enhance your viewing experience with our column. Maybe in the future you could make a drinking game out of it. [grin]

    – Dave

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