Today’s news

Item the First

It’s Thursday, so you know there’s a new Star Trek Re-watch waiting for you at This week, Dayton Ward and I set our phasers to “snark” and take aim at The Cloud Minders.” Dayton’s on analysis, and I provide the recap.

The worst part of this week’s column? Reining in my impulse to make cheap political hay off this infuriating tale of haves vs. have-nots. The best part of this week’s column? Seeing Kirk wear an athletic supporter on his face.

Leave all comments over at the article. It creates the illusion that Dayton and I write readable columns.

Item the Second

There’s a new interview with yours truly about writing on the blog of Star Trek RPG-via-e-mail website — go check it out!

That’s all the news I have time for today.

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