Star Trek Re-watch: “Turnabout Intruder”

It’s Thursday, and that means Dayton Ward and I have finally reached the end of Star Trek‘s wildly uneven third season in our weekly column, Star Trek Re-watch. And not a moment too soon. In fact, approximately fifty minutes and forty seconds too late.

What can I say about Turnabout Intruder that hasn’t already been muttered by its producers between strings of slurred, drunken curses of shameful regret? Plenty, as you’ll see when you click through and read my scathing analysis, which follows Dayton’s hilarious recap.

So, now that we’ve reached the third season’s final episode, that must mean we’re done, right? Not quite.

Next week we’ll bring you our wrap-up column, in which we compare our thoughts about the third season from atrocious start to embarrassing finish and all points in between. And the week after that, we’ll sign off with a special bonus Re-watch of the original series pilot, The Cage.”

After that… who knows? When we find out what’s next, we’ll let you know, but I hear rumors that Dayton and I might be busy writing books or something….

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