Star Trek Re-watch: Season Three Wrap-Up

For those of you who have been taking this wild ride with me and Dayton Ward through the third season of the original Star Trek television series, over at the blog, we present our Season Three Wrap-Up.

This is not quite the end of our travels, however. To paraphrase T.S. Eliot’s poem “Little Gidding,” we end by arriving at our beginning and know the place for the first time. Which is a puffed-up way of saying that we’ll be back next week with a special bonus Star Trek Re-watch of the original series pilot, The Cage.”

As usual, please leave all comments on the article, to help me and Dayton stave off our editors’ inevitable question: “Why did we hire you two blockheads in the first place?”

Damned if we know, Hoss.

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