Another year, another cold pizza

Tomorrow, April 24, will mark my and Kara’s seventh anniversary. Our anniversary tradition is a simple one: every year we commemorate our wedding day by eating cold pizza.

The reason why is that we didn’t get much chance to eat anything at our wedding, so when we got home that night, we were both ravenous. Because we were planning on leaving within a day or two for our honeymoon, the only immediately edible thing in our fridge was cold leftover pizza from dinner with her folks a few nights earlier.  We devoured it with great joy while sitting on our bed—our first meal together as a married couple.

Somehow, by coincidence, on our first anniversary we ended up once again supping on cold pizza. When we realized what we’d done, we decided that it should be our tradition from then on. So now, no matter where we are for our anniversary, we make sure to order pizza the day before and put it in the fridge for our anniversary.

Tomorrow’s pizza has just been delivered — a brick-oven capriciosa, with a tri-color side salad.

We’re ready.

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