Schedule of my upcoming books

Well, I was hoping to break the news this weekend at Shore Leave, but instead it seems to have dropped today with the release of a new series of listings on the Simon and Schuster website: my Star Trek Destiny trilogy is going to be reprinted in a trade paperback omnibus edition (i.e., all three books bound together in a larger paperback format) in mid-March 2012.

I’m very excited to know that sales of the trilogy have continued to be strong enough that S&S feels an omnibus reprinting is merited.

The latest updates on the S&S website also say that, contrary to what I’ve thought up until now, my finale for the Star Trek Vanguard series, Storming Heaven, will be published in April 2012 (not June, as I’ve previously reported). This catches me a bit by surprise; I guess I need to write the manuscript even more quickly now.

And, just as a quick reminder, remember to look for my new Star Trek Mirror Universe novel Rise Like Lions this December!

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