I hate UPS

Those morons at UPS have done it again. Another package I was waiting for was scheduled for delivery today. I knew it would probably arrive while I was out at a weekly appointment, but I didn’t worry about that, since I figured they’d redeliver tomorrow. But when I got home, I saw no note from UPS, and I hoped the delivery might show up later in the afternoon.

Then I checked its delivery status online. Once again, UPS claims the package is “delivered” — signed for by someone named “Phil.” No one named Phil lives in this house or the one next door. No one downstairs or next door knows anything about our missing package. Once again, UPS has misdelivered something that belongs to me. That’s twice in two months.

Of course, reporting the misdelivery to UPS does no good. They accept no responsibility for their errors, ever. They tell me to contact the retailer, which makes no sense since it wasn’t the retailer who lost my package.

Goddammit, I hate UPS. They claim their name is an acronym for “United Parcel Service.” I don’t believe them; I think it stands for “Useless Piece of Shit.”

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