Reviews for Rise Like Lions

In case you’ve been on the fence about picking up a copy of my most recently released novel, Star Trek Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions, have a gander at what some reviewers have been saying about the book:

A veritable feast of Star Trek storytelling that effortlessly draws together the wide array of the Next Generation and beyond…”


“David Mack has spun a nicely-crafted tale that leaves nothing hanging.”

“The pace is good. The action is written well, in a way that I had no trouble following what was going on at any given point in the battle sequences. And there’s just enough humor mixed in to keep everything real.”

“Buy it. You’ll like it.”


“With this novel, David Mack has cemented the legitimacy of a new series focusing on “the other side”. This isn’t just Spock with a beard or Kira in leather anymore. This novel has built a foundation for new stories and new perspectives on characters new and old.”

“Best Trek novel of the year? Without a doubt. The cliffhanger alone is worth the price of admission, but the whole novel is a fantastic experience.”


“If you’re going to publish a Star Trek book that features a major resolution to an ongoing storyline spanning centuries, from the first ever Mirror Universe TV episode up to recent novels set in this troubled alternate, then you need the right author to tell the story — and David Mack delivers, in spades.”

“This is a fabulous, no-holds-barred action adventure, combining many disparate plot threads into one coherent enjoyable whole — with a few surprise twists and cliffhangers for more stories included, to boot. Glorious!”

— John Freeman, Star Trek Magazine

If that doesn’t make you just want to run right out and buy a copy … well, then you’re like most people. But if you’re a Star Trek fan who’s itching for some epic adventure in the “mirror” version of Gene Roddenberry’s universe, you might give this book a try.

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