Two Destinies…

While I was away in Florida last week, UPS delivered three boxes via my neighbor. I hadn’t been expecting any deliveries, so this caught me by surprise.

The first box, from my friend Dayton Ward, contained three sets of signed copies of the Star Trek Vanguard novels he co-authored with Kevin Dilmore, and one unsigned set, for donation to a library, as soon as the saga’s final volume, Storming Heaven, comes out in April.

The other two boxes contained my 25 author copies of the omnibus edition of Star Trek Destiny — the complete trilogy in one massive volume. Here it is, beside the original paperback version of the trilogy’s second book, Mere Mortals:

If you often find yourself in need of something large and heavy to drop on spiders or prop open doors, this is the tome for you.

All kidding aside, I did a fair bit of fine-tuning on these three books during the editing and production phase on this new edition, and I consider this new trade paperback omnibus to be the definitive edition of the trilogy. If you haven’t yet read the trilogy, or want to gift it to someone, this is the version I most recommend.

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