Win the full Star Trek Vanguard saga

Next month, Simon & Schuster will publish Storming Heaven, the final volume in the Star Trek Vanguard saga I helped develop, and for which I’ve written four novels and a novella. I have three complete sets of the saga, with each volume autographed by its authors, and I’m about to tell you how you can become eligible to win one of them.

As part of the big send-off for this literary juggernaut I unleashed with the help of editor/author Marco Palmieri and authors Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore (with a Mirror Universe assist from James Swallow), I am planning to record an audio podcast of an authors-and-editors roundtable.

And I’m going to let you, the series’ fans, ask the questions.

All of us involved in the saga have spoken quite a bit about it over the last several years, and we’ve answered the same questions many times. This time, we’re looking for really intriguing questions. Ask us anything about the series, its characters, our creative process, the saga’s in-jokes, and anything else related to the eight-book series. We’ll answer the most compelling and interesting questions during the audio podcast.

To submit a question for our consideration:

I’ll choose one winner from among all those who send in questions that we don’t use; I’ll select another winner from among those whose questions are selected for the podcast.

As for that third complete set of autographed books … I’m still thinking about how to give those away. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Stay tuned for that, and for more news about special Vanguard-related content and glimpses behind the scenes into the development of the saga, all coming in March 2012!

Bring on the questions, Vanguard fans! We’ll be accepting questions until 11:59PM ET  Tuesday, March 13, 2012. My hope is to record the podcast and have it posted in time for the books scheduled release date, Tuesday, March 27.

(Book giveaway is limited to residents of the United States, because I’m willing to cover domestic shipping costs for a box full of books — but not international costs. Sorry!)

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    […] And last but not least: Next month brings with it the final installment of the Star Trek: Vanguard series, Storming Heaven by my bud David Mack. In honor of this auspicious event, Mr. Mack is holding a contest whereby three lucky folks can win a complete set of the entire series, with each volume signed by its respective author(s). Check that out here: VANGUARD CONTEST HERE!!! […]

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