Release the hounds book!

At long last the day has arrived: the official publication day for Storming Heaven, the action-packed finale of the Star Trek Vanguard saga!

The fine folks over at have posted a short article by yours truly that talks about what the saga has meant to me as a writer, and why I feel that Vanguard‘s final installment is consistent with the ideas that first inspired the series.

As part of my own continuing send-off for the series, I’ve updated my website’s Vanguard Finale Page with two new PDF files — the original Star Trek Vanguard Series Bible, and the post-Harbinger addendum to the bible that I wrote for the benefit of my editor, Marco Palmieri, and Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, the authors who would follow my lead.

Caveat: The series bible and its addendum contain major spoilers, so I strongly advise you not to peruse them until after you’ve finished reading the saga.

This weekend, I’ll be recording a special roundtable discussion about the series with Marco, Dayton, and Kevin. We’ll answer questions submitted by fans, decide who wins the autographed sets of the complete saga, and spill the series’ secrets. As soon as I get that discussion edited, my friend Keith R.A. DeCandido and his cohorts at long-running fan-favorite podcast series The Chronic Rift will host the “Vanguard Farewell Podcast” as a special presentation.

I’m also working to arrange a special presentation, with help from some folks in the Internet-radio arena, to bring you that special podcast about the musical inspirations behind the Vanguard saga. More on that as it develops, so stay tuned.

For now, I hope you’ll all grab a copy of Storming Heaven hot off the presses and enjoy the last wild ride of the Starbase 47 crew and the rest of the saga’s sprawling roster of dramatis personae.


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