The First Word on Silent Weapons

The first full-length review of Silent Weapons, the second book in my Star Trek: The Next Generation 25th-anniversary trilogy Cold Equations, has just been posted by Dan Gunther at Trek Lit Reviews. (Be advised that his review for Silent Weapons contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the trilogy’s New York Times bestselling first volume, The Persistence of Memory.)

Here is a small teaser of Dan’s remarks about Silent Weapons:

“As much as I enjoyed The Persistence of Memory, I feel that this installment is even better. The characterizations are dead-on, the stakes are high, and the drama feels truly real.”

“As it stands, the first two books of the Cold Equations trilogy are, for me, the bar against which TrekLit novels should be measured. … I can’t wait for the final book, The Body Electric.”

Beware of spoilers, and read the rest of Dan Gunther’s in-depth review here.

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