More praise for Silent Weapons

As we hurtle through the month of December and close in on the release date for The Body Electric, the final book in my new Cold Equations trilogy, new reviews for book two, Silent Weapons, continue to appear. Here are quotes from a couple of my favorite write-ups:

Matthew Rushing at says:

Silent Weapons has the impressive action that readers expect from a David Mack book. He mirrors this perfectly with character moments that continuously push the Next Generation crew into new and interesting places, all while providing the shake-ups he is know for. I cannot recommend this book more highly.”

Meanwhile, Angela Shuch at opines:

“There is no shortage of excitement and mystery in this action-paced sequel. Star Trek fans won’t want to miss this this incredible new trilogy. … Silent Weapons is impossible to put down and is completely engaging and left me ready for the next installment. Star Trek novels don’t get much better than this.”

So, there you have it, gentle readers. Be no longer ambivalent or noncommittal — make haste to thine nearest book-mongers and purchase copies for thine selves and thine loved ones!


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